Part Worn Tyres

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Part Worn Tyres


Welcome to the heart of Get Grip, part worn tyres are what we are all about. As a company we have not been here long but we have plenty experience that will be brought to you giving you excellent, safe and quality tyres.

Part Worn Tyres
Here at Get Grip the part worn tyres that are chosen to be placed on your car are carefully checked well before they are brought into the shop. All tyres are pressure tested before it leaves the unit to unsure safety and satisfaction, every tyre that has been selected for stock have been scrutinised and picked by myself to give you the best tyres in safety, quality and tred depth.

The majority of the tyres are brought into the UK via the continent where the laws on tread depth is more strict, which is good for us in the UK.

The Law

Tread depth must be at least 1.6 mm across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tread and around the entire circumference. With are tyres they are on average 5mm of tread, we will never sell a tyre less than 3mm of tread unless it’s to help you the customer in an emergency.

The structural integrity must not be compromised. It should be free of large cuts, any bulges or lumps both internally and externally. No plies or cords should be exposed.

Tyres must have passed an inflation test prior to sale.


If you are unsure on whether your tyres are legal then we are happy to take a look for you, unlike the bigger companies we won’t tell your tyre is illegal to get a sale in the books, it’s something I am very proud of! We are happy to give advice and correct information to you.


4 Wheel Laser Alignment (Tracking) is also available here to make sure you get the full wear of the tyres you have just bought.

Also there is discount available on Alignment when you buy two or more tyres. Please feel free to ask for details

Any questions please email, text or call for some help