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Unit 2, Chuch house,
Churchill road,
Gl53 7EG

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What We Are About

Firstly we are about bringing in the best products at the best prices possible, secondly we are about you the customer and giving you the best service we can give. If you’re not happy were not happy.

We have years of experience in tyres and in customer service. From working in public sectors I want to bring my experience of service and what I feel is right for you the customer!

As a company we are about making sure that you are safe, getting the right products and the correct information for you, we pride ourselves that we are not like big chain companies that will lie to make more money, if you don’t need it we will not tell you it is.

We won’t sell tyres that are unsafe! All tyres are pressure tested, no tyres are illegal and none are bellow 3mm of tread. We torque the bolts to insure that there all the same and to a safe level, also so there not so tight that makes it too difficult for yourself to manually undo in case of a flat tyre! Or damage the car.

We will not repair a tyre that is not repairable to make a quick sale we won’t patch a tyre on the side walls or in an unsafe manner to sell, safety is important to us and you.

What we will do is our best to make you happy enough to tell your friends and family about us. We’re here to help where we can and hope to stay in business for years to come with the same philosophy, and not think short term to earn a quick pound.